Reversible Bucket Hat - The Rave Accessory You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Reversible Bucket Hat - The Rave Accessory You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Summertime is all about being outdoors and enjoying the sun. What better way to do that than by going to a rave? Not only will you get to dance to your favorite music, but you'll also be able to make endless memories with current friends and newly found festival friends. Part of having the best possible time is staying cool in the summer heat and few things make it easier than a hat that provides coverage to your face and neck. Our reversible bucket hat collections are perfect for keeping the sun off your neck and face, and come in many different styles. Whether you're looking to complete your outfit with a tie dye bucket hat or an anime bucket hat, we've got you covered. So add one of these reversible bucket hat styles to your essential rave accessories and enjoy the summer in style!

So a bucket hat is a plush cotton hat with a thin brim that can vary in coverage size. Women and men wear the same style of hat which is generally uncommon in the clothing industry. Not much like a baseball cap, the bucket hat, or Fisherman’s hat, has a leading edge, and then a trapezoidal shaped, shade edge. These hats are typically composed of a thicker material, like an elastic weave made, and then two sides that may have a ring hole made of metal so that people who wear these hats in the summer will have air flow to keep them cooler. Ultimately, the brim size is what distinguishes the look of a bucket hat. Some have a small, flat brim while others have a wide brim that can be turned up or down. Closer to today and what made it gain popularity in pop culture, the most famous person who wore a fisherman’s hat in the early days was Gilligan, from Gilligan's island. Unless you took a liking to journalism and then you would also know that Hunter S. Thompson also donned a cotton bucket hat nearly year-round. The well-known character, Gilligan, in the 1960s comedy appears on screen in a bucket hat year-round. The positive association between enjoying the show and growing fond of Gilligan helped the popularity of the hat soar. The reversible bucket hat is one of the most versatile hats because it can be worn two ways. Tie dye bucket hats are perfect for adding a pop of color

Originally, Bucket hats were first worn by farmers and fisherman in Ireland and they were popularized and played as a large piece of fashion in rap and hip-hop during the 1980s. As all equally functional and comfortable things do, they made their way to be used for military purposes. The practicality and durability of bucket hats made them top priority garments of clothes during the second world war to protect the soldiers from sun and disease. They also proved useful in muting the glare when aiming with firearms. They have now managed to make their way around the world and be worn and adored by everyone everywhere. Especially within the music-lovers crowd. Along with our Gen Z hydration pack, reversible bucket hats are a great way to stay cool, comfortable, and protect yourself from the sun. But why stop there? at Electric Wave, we have a huge selection of bucket hats that are perfect for any rave. And since they are reversible you're basically getting two hats in one.

In case you need some rave outfit inspiration, we've snuck some notes from Gossip Girl. Master your own version of the school girl look with a traditional pleated skirt, cutoff cardigan, and a patterned bucket hat. Another idea would be getting rid of your cold-weather bucket hat for one of our summer feeling, tie dye bucket hat. It’s a super fun accessory that works well to top off your beach inspired look. Now all you need is a colorful bikini, a Lyte Couture coverup or outfit set, and a sexy pair of sunglasses. Go all out trippy and put yourself together an “Acid” inspired look. This goes far beyond the mindset or drug to encapsulate a complete aesthetic. Psychedelic with fractal patterns and littered in bright neon hues. With this look we can tell you’re getting ready for a long lasting rave or festival fueled entirely by the best vibes, and let me tell you that nothing, not even an all black outfit could possibly kill all that joy. A reversible bucket hat continues to make splashes today thanks to celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, not to mention celebrities in the EDM community like Subtronics or Boogie T. So whether you're getting a rave jersey fit ready for Lollapalooza, or a futuristic meshy fit for Tomorrowland, the missing pieces are bucket hats. Check out our selections and get your reversible bucket hat today!

Don't miss out on our selections and get your trippy tie die bucket hat or a Naruto anime bucket hat. You won't regret it!

What are your thoughts? have any more outfit ideas? Send us messages on instagram or Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to check out our reversible bucket hat collection before your next festival! :) Thanks for reading!