10 Problems That Only Ravers will Understand

10 Problems That Only Ravers will Understand

EDM festivals are a great way to see your favorite DJs live, but they definitely come with their own set of challenges. From sweating through your clothes to dealing with unplanned spiritual journeys, here are 10 'problems' only ravers will understand. Proper EDM gear is essential for dealing with the heat and staying hydrated, but it's also important to be prepared for anything. Rave apparel ranges from fun and flashy to functional and comfortable, so you can find the perfect outfit no matter what your rave plans are. And don't forget your hydration pack! Alright now let's count down the top 10 problems that only ravers can understand.

1) Sweating through your outfit before its even noon.

Alright, the summertime is one of the hardest times to plan for because no matter how much or little clothing you wear, there is no way to stop the sweat on a scalding hot day. Unless you aren't hydrated but that's an entirely different problem within itself. (Problem easily solved with one of our hydration pack rave)

2) Sending the wrong mixed signals while rolling balls

We've all had a dose of vitamins that has made us love the world and everyone around us a little too much. While it's easy to get caught up in the moment, sometime the better decision is not to necessarily act on it.


3) Babysitting fellow ravers during an unplanned spiritual journey

Whoops, one of your best friends accidentally took a few too many vitamins and now they're on a spiritual journey to another realm. As their best friend, it's your job to make sure they don't leave this world behind. (But also be respectful of their space).


4) Having to use the porta-potty at the wrong time

Well well well, look who had too much water to drink out of their gen z hydration pack. No need to fear, unless you have to go number 2. Then all bets are off and you're better off finding a bush.


5) Getting lost in the maze of tents (Unless you see Electric Wave)

"Ah shit, where did my friends go!" is probably something you've thought at a rave before. And one of the most overwhelming feelings at a rave is feeling lost and like you're drowning in the crowd around you.


6) Going back to work Monday and trying to be productive

"Ugh, I can't even focus on my work after such an amazing weekend." We feel you. It's hard to come back to reality after an epic rave weekend. No sleep, improper nutrition, and releasing an excess of dopamine makes for a terrible first day back on the job. No worries, because we have got you covered at electric wave! Stay up to date on our featured artists, constantly evolving store, and up to date rave news.


7) Having to talk about the music with people who don't get it

It's hard enough trying to explain your passion for electronic dance music to. This isn't a problem at the rave generally, but everyone has those friends back home that just don't get the wubs or headbangs. At the end of the day we actually need people like that or else everyone would start to feel like this.


8) When the weather app is not even close to getting it right

Ugh, one of the most frustrating things about planning for a rave is not being able to properly predict the weather. You check the app religiously leading up to the event only to be disappointed by what you see on the day of. (This is why it's important to have multiple outfit options and the best hydration pack for raves).

9) Getting FOMO when something comes up last second and you can't make it

The struggle of trying to keep up with a social life, work life, and raver life is all too real. When something last minute comes up and you can't make it, the FOMO is very real. You try your best to live vicariously through your friends' stories and photos but it's just not the same.

10) Befriending TOO many people

Just kidding this isn't possible. The point of raves is to spread the love and grow the community! You can absolutely never have too many friends, especially with the prospect of running into them again at the next festival you go to.

Rave apparel is essential for any EDM gear collection, and those who wants to stay safe and have a good time need to be prepared for all the elements! One of the key parts of staying safe is just keeping healthy during the heat. Stay hydrated with our gen z hydration pack, and make sure you apply the proper amount of sunscreen. We would love to hear back from you guys so feel free to send us some of your worst rave nightmares and how you got through them!